Maggie "Her Majesty"

>> Saturday, June 13, 2020

I don't remember the first day of school, but I do remember the day I ate for the first time.
When I was 4-5 years old, thats around 1990, my aunt passed the steamed Maggie in front of me and my elder brother taught me , how to eat it...From then until today, 30-32 years of Maggie's craving, it is difficult to escape even in this life ...

As a child, my mother used to make Maggie on Sunday mornings and we used to eat it while watching DuckTales, Mowgli, Captain Vyom. What fun it used to be ..! At that time we both used to fill our tummies in a Maggie's single packet..the packet used to be big in quantity . Now it has become so small that I only need two packets .. flour, chicken, spicy flavor there are many flovours are available in the market but Masala is my favorite ..!

From the age of ten until I got married, I could only make two dishes like Maggie and a cup of tea..
Everything was running on it..Egg Maggie, Cheese Maggie, Maggie with vegetables at mother's request, everything was done, but only Maggie with plain Maggie masala, nothing comes near of it..! Put some Maggie Magic masala cubes in it .. ahaha .
I tell my mother and wife that Maggie is the 15th gem found in Samudra Manthan. But as soon as Maggie came out, it was ate by the gods and demons, so they say that there are only 14 gems...Anyway .. they don't like it .. try adding some Maggie Magic masala while making omelette .. what a special taste ..!

In the trek to Prabalgad, Monish and I grabbed 2 packets of Maggie, the hot Maggi eaten in the snow during the trek to Dalhousie , Wholesale Maggie for 32 people during Pratap Gad Trek, Late night Maggie after submissions, Maggie on the chulha , Many such memories are associated with Maggie. But in spite of all this, I don't remember a single time when it was wasted or thrown away.

In mid-2015, there was a lot of talk about Maggie. I wondered if they would Ban it or what .. but then it was sorted out ..I immediately ordered a 12 pack of Maggie from Snapdeal. Some may say that, Maggie is a foreign food. Now that the winds of self-sufficiency have begun to blow, it also comes to our mind to buy something of Indian brand, so Top Ramon, Yippy Noodle, Patanjali Noodle all tried, but Maggie's test is unique .. and as long as no alternative is available..there is no other option than Maggie .. !!

Our next generation is also a fan of Maggie and especially Maggie made by me.
The expectation is that Maggie will continue to supply our beaks as it has maintained the quality so far .. !!

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